Zachary Homer, DC is the founder of Targeted Chiropractic, a Gilbert, AZ based chiropractic clinic.

Founded in early 2022, Targeted Chiropractic was created by “Dr. Zak” to provide clients with access to top-notch chiropractic care.  From chiropractic spinal adjustments and chiropractic muscle stimulation (aka E-Stim) to myofascial release therapy and therapeutic ultrasound, Dr. Zak has his patients covered.

While Dr. Zak excels in areas such as treating peripheral neuropathy and neck, upper back, lower back, and knee pain, his specialty, which comes from previously having dealt with his own chronic pain, is the combination of chiropractic care with myofascial release.  Together, they work hand in hand to provide lasting relief and not only helps his patients maintain optimal comfort and mobility but also helps to preserve the corrections made by Dr. Zak.  In his opinion, the combination of these two techniques allow his patients to get the greatest possible benefit from their adjustments.

Dr. Zak’s “story” is a unique one.  At the young age of 10, Dr. Zak was in a car accident and broke his collar bone.  Seven, yes seven car accidents later, the pain from the original accident got worse and worse until he was having pain all the time.  Then, on one fateful weekend while at a family reunion, he was challenged by his uncles (both chiropractors!) to take one college anatomy class, even offering to pay for it. Knowing what their nephew was consistently dealing with (chronic pain) and the value of an anatomy class, they suggested that if he liked it then he should consider going into the chiropractic profession. 

Dr. Zak took that class and he not only found out that he liked to learn about the human body and how it functions, but he found a subject that he wanted to study. Most importantly, he found his passion because he began to realize there might be light at the end of the tunnel for his own pain.  In early 2013, he applied and got accepted into the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.   After a fun-filled 3 years, he graduated with his bachelor’s degree and Doctor of Chiropractic.

Right after graduating, Dr. Zak worked for Laser Tech, a chronic pain clinic.  During his 3-year stint (2016-2019), he worked with chronic pain patients to broaden his skills, which gave him the opportunity to observe the changes the body goes through when someone has been living with chronic pain for years.  He gained appreciation of the importance of preventive care to help prevent more severe disease from forming in the body.  During this time, he studied different soft tissue techniques and biomechanics until he found one that made sense and was getting good results (for him and his patients).

In 2019, Dr. Zack took his expertise to The Joint, a high-volume chiropractic clinic.  During his tenure (2019-2022), he primarily focused on the adjustments of the spine.  This helped him to start perfecting the art of spinal adjustments.  In 2022, the location where Dr. Zak worked, and where he was the primary DC, won the Best of Chandler Award from the East Valley Tribune.

Caring, empathetic, genuine, Dr. Zak is especially passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise to help people alleviate and manage pain, but he is also just as focused on teaching his patients the basics about their body so they can see and understand the benefit of ongoing preventive maintenance for their long-term health. 

“Chronic pain is a roller coaster ride of emotions.  You will have good days/weeks/months, but the pain comes back,” says Dr. Zak.  “I have sat on the other side of the table and understand if that if you are coming into my office and tell me you have pain, I believe that you are actually experiencing pain and it is my job to figure out why, because I can’t tell you how many times I heard, ‘well I can’t find anything wrong with you.’”

Born in Yakama, Washington, Dr. Zack grew up in Gilbert, AZ.  In his spare time, Dr. Zak loves to play golf, go camping, and even goes on the odd fishing trip.